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How Your Group or Delegation Can Accept Tax Deductible Donations for Educational or Service Travel

Businesses, individuals, and organizations may provide a tax deductible donation to fund a scholarship to benefit an individual, group, or delegation. The scholarship must be used for the benefit of education in line with the Ambassador Scholarship Foundation’s mission. The scholarships may be used to fund educational travel through a recognized organization, volunteer efforts abroad with a recognized organization, or continued education through a legitimate educational institution such as a college or university. Consult with the Ambassadors Foundation staff regarding if the organization which will receive the funds qualifies. The scholarships funds will be awarded to members of a group or delegation based upon the following factors: community service, leadership, academic achievement, inspirational merit, and financial need. The scholarship fund will be administered by the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation following their scholarship selection procedures.

Make sure to carefully read the below qualifications before submitting a scholarship creation form.

Fill out the scholarship creation form here

  1. Complete this SCHOLARSHIP CREATION FORM and return it to the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation will review your application to assure your group scholarship qualifies. The Foundation will contact you if your scholarship merit criteria are not appropriate. Receipt of scholarship funds by individuals who are part of your group must be based upon merit.
  2. Identify a scholarship funding goal not to exceed the total tuition for all the members of the group or delegation.
  3. Individuals are STRONGLY encouraged to establish a group scholarship instead of an individual scholarship as businesses are much more likely to donate to a scholarship which benefits more than one. Scholarships for the benefit of only one individual may be denied.
  4. Utilizing the information provided by the Ambassadors Foundation, solicit donations for your group/delegation. Donations should be made payable to the “Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation” with a notation including your scholarship name, scholarship ID number, and the city and state where your group/delegation is based to assure the funds are properly credited. Donations can also be made online via credit card through the Foundation’s website at AmbassadorsGiving.org or credit card payments can be taken over the phone.
  5. If there’s a selection process related to our scholarship, the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation will administer the scholarship selection process based upon the pre-determined criteria. If all members of the group meet the pre-determined criteria, the scholarship will be divided up equally among all members unless otherwise noted.
  6. Donors will receive a tax deductible receipt and you’ll receive notification of their donation.
  7. Scholarships will never be paid to an individual but instead will be paid directly to a recognized organization on the recipient’s or group’s behalf.
  8. A 5% fee is charged by the Ambassadors Foundation to cover the costs of administering the scholarship. This fee will be used for the Foundation’s general scholarship fund.
  9. Students in a group must each meet the criteria established for the scholarship in order to be eligible. The criteria must be based upon one or more of the following: community service, leadership, academic achievement, inspirational merit, and/or financial need.
  10. Should a scholarship recipient be unable to use the scholarship, the scholarship will be re-issued to other members of the same group. If that is not possible the scholarship will be re-applied to the general scholarship fund.
  11. Scholarships awarded cannot exceed the cost of tuition for the educational or service travel program.
  12. Should a group exceed their scholarship funding goal, those funds will be used to benefit the general scholarship fund of the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation.

Contact the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation at info@AmbassadorsGiving.org or (509) 568-7509 for additional information.

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