Stone Lewis

Rafer Johnson Scholarship Awarded

Ryan Oelrich

Written by
Ryan Oelrich


The Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation recently awarded its Rafer Johnson Scholarship. This is a scholarship awarded to a student who has overcome considerable physical challenges and who has done so with determination and courage. Stone Lewis of Fredericksburg, Vermont is this year’s recipient and received a full scholarship on the People to People Ambassadors program of his choice. Stone was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella, a condition which affects the joints and bones making it very painful to move. Stone hasn’t let his condition stop him, but has found ways to play various sports and maintain an active lifestyle. Stone had this to say,

“I used to ask the question, ‘Why do bad things keep happening to me?’ Then I would see another child who was facing challenges greater than my own. My own challenges then did not seem so bad, and they simply became my normal. Everyone has challenges and we each have to find our own courage to overcome... I believe courage is being able to face a circumstance or pain and not let the fear of it hold you back from life.”

We congratulate Stone on his courage, and wish him safe travels.