Setting Up Your Own Scholarship

Setting Up Your Own Scholarship

Written by
Eileen Maiocco

Like many teachers, Betty Burt understands the vital role travel plays in educating young minds. That’s why she took six students to Europe last summer to experience Celtic history and culture with People to People’s student travel program. For three weeks Burt’s students were submerged in a foreign culture that challenged them to grow and expand their global perspectives.

They explored medieval castles. They put the stories of legendary Celtic folklore into context. They engaged with British politicians, immersed themselves in community service projects, and learned firsthand the violent history of the political unrest of Northern Ireland, all while learning more about themselves than they had ever known before.

"All the delegates felt a sense of power they had never felt before, especially after scaling down a castle wall, breaking a board in two, and sailing."
-Educator, Betty Burt

The independence that comes with leaving the country without parents holding your hand leaves a noticeable change in young people. One student returned home with a newfound sense of maturity, realizing that she no longer felt as if she couldn't function without her sister and mother by her side. All of them aspire to have more experiences like this one.

How was this trip made possible?

Through Ambassadors’ new Create-Your-Own Scholarship tool. This unique service allows people like Betty Burt to partner with the Ambassadors Foundation to establish a scholarship to fund their educational or service travel dreams. All donations contributed to the scholarship are then tax deductible making businesses and individuals six times more likely to donate.

This was a make-it-or-break-it deal for Ms. Burt’s group of students. After soliciting a generous donation from a local business, she established a scholarship to provide much-needed funding for their trip. One student who was in jeopardy of dropping out was reinstated after receiving a scholarship, and another who had dropped out completely was brought back on board.

"Had it not been for the Ambassador Foundation’s scholarship service, the business would not have donated. The scholarship service made it possible."

Funding travel is not impossible. Partner with the Ambassadors Foundation and create a scholarship to help fund your educational or service travel dreams.

Visit www.AmbassadorsGiving.org for more information and click on “Scholarships” to fill out the simple online form to create your scholarship fund.