Proudly Announcing our 2014 Scholarships!

We’re excited to announce that the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation has posted its current list of scholarships for 2014. You can find them online at AmbassadorsGiving.org along with the online application forms. We’re especially proud of our work this year to diversify the types of scholarships we’re able to offer. In the past our scholarships have primarily focused on rewarding a student’s achievements in academics, community involvement, and volunteerism, however, we are now able to recognize and reward a student’s artistic and creative abilities, leadership achievements, and how a student has demonstrated integrity as a role model for his or her peers.

Instead of simply requiring a student to write an essay, we’ve also expanded how students can apply for scholarships. For example, to apply for one of our $1,000 “Travel Video Scholarships” students must create a two-minute video introducing themselves and explaining why educational travel is important to them. For one of the Phoneraiser.com scholarships, which range from $1,000 to $2,500, students are asked to share their innovative fundraising ideas and also submit a PDF of a poster they’ve created advertising their unique fundraising event.

This year we’ll award over $50,000 in scholarships to students. These funds will aid them in participating in educational opportunities at home and abroad. We’ve also expanded our People to People Global Volunteer Scholarships to provide $1,000 scholarships for students traveling for the purpose of charitable service with any legitimate organization.

AmbassadorsGiving.org Quick Scholarship Facts:

  1. Some BUT NOT ALL of our scholarships are need-based, which is defined as a family with an income of $50,000 or below. Income will be verified before a scholarship is awarded.
  2. Applications can be completed online through the Foundation’s website at AmbassadorsGiving.org by clicking on “Apply Now.”
  3. This year the Foundation has further diversified its scholarships to include those that take a student’s artistic, academic, athletic, volunteer, leadership, social, and role modeling abilities into consideration.
  4. Scholarships are not paid to the student but to the organization (mainly People to People Ambassador Programs) the student is traveling with.
  5. It is possible for a student to be awarded more than one scholarship. A student may apply for all scholarships for which they qualify.

We’ve also provided tips for applying for scholarships along with resources and advice for fundraising through our 2014 Pay Your Way Fundraising Guide. The guide is available for $10 through http://ambassadors-foundation.myshopify.com and is an important fundraiser for us. All proceeds from the sale of the guide go back into our scholarship fund, so by helping yourself you’re also helping another student in need. We also encourage you to “like” us on Facebook, as we frequently post tips, information, and advice for the scholarship application process.

We’re happy to be able to continue supporting remarkable students in the achievement of their educational and service goals through our annual scholarship offerings. Reading through applications and hearing the stories, ideas, and experiences of students from across the country always inspires me. So what are you waiting for? Visit AmbassadorsGiving.org and apply for the scholarships that best fit you.

We wish you the very best in the application process.


Ryan Oelrich
Executive Director
Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation