Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica Library

Last week I had the privilege of visiting a brand new library in a small town outside San Jose, Costa Rica. This library was built by the volunteer efforts of People to People student ambassadors traveling to the region who hauled dirt, stacked cement blocks, and helped with other construction tasks. It was funded by the Ambassadors Foundation through the generous support of People to People Ambassador Programs. I participated in the grand opening ceremony for the library which was attended by most of the town. It included speeches by the village's mayor and other political officials, dance demonstrations, singing, and an afternoon banquet. It was quite the affair. I then had the honor of cutting the ribbon to officially open the People to People Library.

Costa Rica Little girl in Costa Rica

At the grand opening the children were excited by the many books and the new space. It's the first building in their complex to have glass windows, a tile floor, and a ceiling. The children kept stooping down to look at their reflections in the shiny floor with giggles and laughter. Students were eager to grab a book, a comfortable sitting rug, and find a spot on the floor to start reading right then and there.

The library will provide reading opportunities for not only the 100+ students at the Don Bosco School but also their families and the community as a whole. Additionally, the library will provide much needed space for support groups, tutoring, and classes. This project will continue to be a blessing and continue to further education for these children for many years to come.

This is an example of a project the Foundation will continue to take on to support and further education. To help us continue to fund such valuable endeavors, the Foundation is launching its first annual "Travel For Good" online fundraising auction. Starting Monday, November 5th everyone is invited to bid on travel items ranging from an all-inclusive trip to Rome Italy, to air plane tickets, to hotel and resort stays. All proceeds will go to support your Ambassadors Foundation. We appreciate your support. Please help us spread the word to colleagues, family, and friends. Help us support and further educational opportunities for students around the globe.


Ryan Oelrich
Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation