Scholarships Open to the Public

The Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation administers a scholarship fund that awards scholarships to deserving persons for programs that enhance international understanding and friendship. This understanding is obtained through educational, cultural, and humanitarian activities involving the direct exchange of ideas and experiences among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. Scholarships are only available to individuals who meet our eligibility requirements*. While we appreciate and value each student who applies, we are not able to provide scholarships to everyone. Scholarships are awarded through a committee selection process based upon the criteria outlined in the specific application. The number of scholarships distributed is based upon current resources available.

Some of our scholarships are also selected based upon financial need. Our standard base line for determining financial need is a total family income of under $50,000. Income will be verified before a scholarship can be successfully awarded

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Open Scholarships

If your travel or volunteer program fits our mission of supporting education, you can establish a scholarship through the Ambassadors Foundation and any funds you collect from individuals or businesses will be tax deductible. The funds collected for your scholarship fund will then be paid directly to the eligible organization your group is travelling with. When setting up a travel program scholarship we request you work with a delegation or travel group to set up a group scholarship instead of an individual scholarship when possible. Businesses and organizations are much more likely to donate to your scholarship fund if it benefits more than one individual. Click here to see a complete list of scholarship criteria. Click here to complete the form to create your scholarship. We’ll notify you within 7 business days if your scholarship has been approved and provide you with a Scholarship ID number. You can then inform all individuals wishing to contribute to your scholarship fund can donate online at (being sure to note the name and scholarship ID number they're donating too).

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Auction Items Needed!

Auction Items Needed!

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